Katerina Nussdorfer, born Pejovska, has lived in Austria for almost 8 years.

Originally from Skopje, Macedonia, she has lived in the USA and England, and has been teaching English, American studies and literature for 15 years. She has two Masters degrees (English/Literature and International Economics) and has also studied on a full scholarship at Roosevelt University in Chicago, majoring in Liberal and Performing Arts (musical theater and fiction writing).

Her constant obsession with everything food, since as early as she can remember, has led her to pursue a doctoral degree in the anthropology of food, more specifically food as ethnic identity in North-American contemporary immigrant memoirs (Iranian, Jordanian, Chinese and Singaporean), which she is currently finishing up at the University of Vienna.

She has presented papers on various food-related topics at numerous academic conferences and contributed to several academic journals, edited volumes of food encyclopedias and reference books, including  Street Food around the World, An Encyclopedia of Food and Culture (eds Colleen Sen and Bruce Kraig), and the upcoming At the Table: Food and Family around the World (ed. Ken Albala).

Her areas of expertise include (national) meal cultures, food, diaspora and ethnicity, food in literature, street food, culinary nostalgia, food and tourism, food and technology, and of course, Austrian and Macedonian food.

Her (food) interests include Jewish food, American foodways, food memoirs, the ethnography of food, food fads, the symbolism of food in religion, the semiotics of food, Italian food show La Prova del Cuoco (especially with Antonella Clerici), restauranteur Joe Bastianich and celebrity chef Graham Elliot.

She lives in Vienna with her husband and daughter.

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